Outrage In Haldimand Over Bald Eagle Nest Removing

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All sampling strategies and results are supplied in the terrestrial biology Technical Supporting Documents. Sampling areas were selected based mostly on potential for the habitat to be affected by the Project. Given the target of the amphibian survey program was to generate a species list for the research area, it was not essential to increase the survey effort.

Health Canada indicated that the noise related to the construction of the transmission line was not included in the noise mannequin, and that the proponent's proposal to retain a forest buffer would not make an effective noise barrier. The proponent agreed with these comments, but noted that building noise for the transmission line alignment would occur for a brief period in the course of the erection of every tower. The proponent would provide noise monitoring when building exercise is close to sensitive receptors, and would implement extra mitigation measures if unexpected noise impacts occur. Further comments about water high quality in relation to fish and fish habitat and human well being are introduced in Subsections 7.1.2 and 7.four.2, respectively. The Métis Nation of Ontario requested additional surface water high quality monitoring stations at the Bagsverd Lake realignment and alongside Bagsverd Creek downstream of the sprucing pond, and for the creek main from Dividing Lake to Mollie Lake. The proponent indicated that monitoring stations could presumably be added to the monitoring program, and would focus on any additions with the Métis Nation of Ontario and other Aboriginal teams.

We used four habitat parameters and 4 food useful resource parameters to characterize habitat in Bald Eagle territories in Placentia Bay. The habitat traits analyzed included the nest web site elevation, the proportion of the territory composed of sparse coniferous forest and water, and whether or not the nest site was situated on the “mainland” part of the island of Newfoundland (hereafter the “mainland”) or on an island within the bay. Previous analysis has proven that Bald Eagles prefer to nest on smaller islands instead of the mainland (Gerrard et al. 1975, Livingston et al. 1990), likely because of lowered numbers of predators and extra alternatives to forage over water in all instructions. Within the study area we generated 163 pseudo-absence factors using Hawth’s Tools in ArcGIS (version 9.three., ESRI, Redlands, California, USA) to represent unused nest websites. The pseudo-absence sites have been all situated within 5 m of the shoreline and separated from each each other and true nest areas by a minimum distance of 910 m . Because the areas of coastline in which these pseudo-absence points have been positioned had been surveyed annually for Bald Eagles, the probability that these factors had been false absences is low and our pseudo-absence points have been an affordable approximation of “true absence” knowledge (Fielding and Bell 1997, Phillips et al. 2009).

It is anticipated that residual effects from vegetation clearing and fragmentation can be minimal, and contributions to effects from existing and future forestry activities can be low. Aside from forestry actions, no different tasks and actions interact with the proposed Project based mostly on the outlined spatial boundaries for cumulative results. It is predicted that the cumulative effects from habitat loss and fragmentation attributable to the Project with results caused by forestry actions on migratory birds and wildlife could be low in magnitude over the period of the Project. After mitigation measures, the proponent anticipates there would be residual results to species at risk from the loss of habitat and fragmentation, basic sensory disturbances (i.e. human presence, synthetic light and noise) and collisions with vehicles and transmission strains. The residual effects to species at risk birds, turtles and bats can be low in magnitude (i.e. no measurable residual impact to species at risk inhabitants and distribution).

Use mechanical means to keep away from the use of chemical brokers for vegetation clearing along the transmission line right-of-way. Remove soil (i.e. organic layer of soil and terrestrial vegetation) surrounding Bagsverd Lake South that will potentially launch methylmercury into the water physique prior to flooding areas for watercourse realignments. Maintain a minimal separation distance of 1.25 km between blast locations and the closest receptors to scale back blasting noise and vibration. Limit soil erosion and transport of sediments throughout all phases by way of finest administration practices.

Communicate the frequency of exceedances of 1-hour limits and 24-hour limits of Ontario's Ambient Air Quality Criteria or Canadian Ambient Air Quality Standards, to facilitate access to traditional areas throughout all phases of the Project, while sustaining well being and safety. Minimize potential hydrogen cyanide emissions at the tailings administration facility by treating process water such that cyanide is destroyed previous to discharge into the tailings management facility. The Brunswick House First Nation indicated the importance of considering the standard of water methods, crops, and soils, and indicated that they have been glad with the proponent's mitigation measures. Monitor fish tissue for whole mercury in areas affected by water physique realignments and in reference areas (Schist Lake, proven in Section 2.2, Figure 2-2), every three years through the operation phase and twice following the decommissioning part or until mercury concentrations in fish are steady or equal to reference areas. During the development and operation phases, because of elevated project visitors, there might be elevated migratory fowl mortality charges from collisions with automobiles. The proponent anticipates this impact to be minimal, and proposes to scale back velocity limits on project roads and prohibit off-road use of autos for recreational purposes.

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